Guided Walking Tour

Guided Walking Tour

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The Historic City Walk at 11am

The Historic City Walk takes in places such as the City Hall, where Mr Nelson Mandela made his first speech as a free man, as well as a walk down to Tuynhuys to learn about the Dutch era and slavery – with a stop in the garden by the old tree, which is 362 years old. It also includes a stop by the benches in front of Cape High Court where your guide will talk about the Classification Act and the Separation Act before making your way onto the Slave Lodge and the Eastern Food Bazaar.

The tour is around 70 minutes long and highlights include:
  • St Georges Cathedral – hear about Desmond Tutu
  • The Parliament and presidents house – the land of many capitals
  • The Old Strand and Old Mutual Building – African style architecture and where the beach used to be
  • City Hall – where Mandela gave his world famous speech
  • Green Market Square
  • The Parade and the Castle of Good Hope 
  • The flower Market – meet South Africa’s National flower “in person”
  • The Slave Lodge – where thousands of slaves were kept
  • Company Gardens with probably the world’s oldest pear tree and the begging squirrels

The Bo-Kaap Walk at 3pm

The Bo-Kaap walk takes you along the cobbled streets of Bo-Kaap through the beautiful, brightly coloured houses where you will learn about the history of the Muslim population and see Cape Town’s first Mosque. You will hear about the popular Cape Malay food and even be advised on where to soak up some of Cape Town’s enticing nightlife.

The Bo-Kaap is an area formerly known as the Malay Quarter. It is quintessentially a Township, situated on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre and is an historical centre of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town.

The tour is one hour long and highlights include:
  • Greenmarket Square - filled with African art, drums, cloths, jewellery, great coffee shops
  • Cape Malay Quarter Hills
  • Auwal Masjid – the first Mosque in Cape Town
  • Colourful Houses
  • Cobbled Streets
  • Cape Malay food
  • Bo-Kaap Museum
Departure point: 81 Long Street, Cape Town

Departure time: 7 Days a week
Historic City Walk   11:00 a.m. 
Bo-Kaap Walk  3:00 p.m.